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Love, Succumb (Obsessed Men, #1) - Eve Davids **Received in exchange for an honest review **

First of all let me just start by saying that there is a major cliffhanger at the end of this novel!

“Because he just fucked and licked every reiteration of my name I have ever heard.”

The book starts somewhat unconventionally, it's actually a bit confusing, but refreshing. It starts out with a very intimate scene between Eve and Renee, during a very aggressive yet erotic encounter between them, but it looks like it works for both of them. And then the story transfers you back six weeks.

Okay, so the chapter begins with Evelyn and her obvious despisal of Rene Leon Ackerley. He is a very self-assured, arrogant man. First Eve starts throwing insults at him and he gives back as good as he gets. This interaction ends soon and leaves you wondering. By this point I had a bit mixed feelings on this whole matter.

I really like the fact that the book has alternating POV's but not narrated in the 3rd person, so you can see a glimpse of what's going on in both characters' heads, it makes you understand them better.

Rene is a very wealthy man, obviously used to get what he wants and he goes after it. And that’s what he does when it comes to Eve.
Eve's character looks really strong and feisty, but when we get to the story from her point of view, we can see that she is as scared and insecure as we all are.

“I am a strong believer in dealing with your shit by yourself.”

The initial confusion when I started reading the book started to fade away as the story progressed. Although I must confess I did miss a bit of an explanation about their characters, their personal history, what made them the people they are today. But since this in the first book in the series, I hope to get my wish fulfilled in one of the following installments.

“From the moment I saw him, I knew those fire eyes were going to burn me to ashes.”

There is something going on between the characters from the first moment they see each other, that much is apparent, but it's still a bit fast going for my taste. They have a kind of powerful magnetic attraction between them and are completely enraptured in each other. It still feels a bit fast for a person to develop such strong emotions towards someone.

“And when drowning with guilt, you are your worst enemy. Simple.”

When you read you know you have been drawn into a shady world, but you have no idea! There is some messed up s**t in here! The tension and waiting for the situation to unfold, to know what's going to happen was killing me!! It's like every single character in this book is messed up on some level. Everyone has had some major trauma that stained their lives and caused them to be the way they are. It breaks your heart when you read about Eve’s upbringing and the current situation she and her “sisters” are in. And Angel, that poor baby. No child should be living like this. Ever! But sadly, situations like these are all too real and often not seen or mostly ignored.

“This is how it starts. Like a bean seed, hope plants itself in your heart, urging you that the impossible, can be possible. Hope breeds worthless faith into our fragile hearts, and then we begin to hang our life on it. We pray for it, yearn for it, and have faith for it.”

And the ending?! Well, that was just a shocker. Why did nobody warn me about that?! Gaaaah! It left me mostly with questions, and a bunch of them for that matter, there are soooooo many things I NEED to know. I am waiting for the next book and I want it now! I am anxious to know what will happen, I know there is a reason for what happened and I really am curious where the author will lead these characters in the future.

The person who gave me this book to review also told me that there will be a newer version of it coming out and I don’t know what the changes will be but I hope it will be nothing major so I can catch up quickly when the sequel comes out.