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Heaven's Sinners (The MC Sinners, #2) - Bella Jewel 4.5*
I really do love Bella Jewel's male characters. Although I like Ciara, I liked Addison (female MC from the previous book) more. And if I compare Heaven's Sinners to Hell's Knights, this novel was more painful to read, it was just different from former one. Spike and Ciara, they have history and a hard one at that, I really liked that the time alternated between present and past. But the end of the novel..I have some suspicions about that and if I'm right that means shit is gonna hit the fan and it will get really bad really fast. But, I'll have to wait for Jackson's book to see what's gonna happen. I'm looking forward to it.
Consequences - Aleatha Romig I truly am having difficulties with rating this book right now. Soooo I guess I'm gonna have to sleep on it and think about it some more..because that was far as evil vindictive plans go, hands down, Tony executed this very nicely, but he is still one sick fuck. Sorry for the language, but this one's really got me swearing..can't wait to read the sequel, I wanna see Claire kick his ass and get a revenge of her own. Tony, I want to see you suffer. I want you in sooooo much pain! You sick abusing and raping bastard.
Rating: 3.5* (for now)
Love, Succumb (Obsessed Men, #1) - Eve Davids **Received in exchange for an honest review **

First of all let me just start by saying that there is a major cliffhanger at the end of this novel!

“Because he just fucked and licked every reiteration of my name I have ever heard.”

The book starts somewhat unconventionally, it's actually a bit confusing, but refreshing. It starts out with a very intimate scene between Eve and Renee, during a very aggressive yet erotic encounter between them, but it looks like it works for both of them. And then the story transfers you back six weeks.

Okay, so the chapter begins with Evelyn and her obvious despisal of Rene Leon Ackerley. He is a very self-assured, arrogant man. First Eve starts throwing insults at him and he gives back as good as he gets. This interaction ends soon and leaves you wondering. By this point I had a bit mixed feelings on this whole matter.

I really like the fact that the book has alternating POV's but not narrated in the 3rd person, so you can see a glimpse of what's going on in both characters' heads, it makes you understand them better.

Rene is a very wealthy man, obviously used to get what he wants and he goes after it. And that’s what he does when it comes to Eve.
Eve's character looks really strong and feisty, but when we get to the story from her point of view, we can see that she is as scared and insecure as we all are.

“I am a strong believer in dealing with your shit by yourself.”

The initial confusion when I started reading the book started to fade away as the story progressed. Although I must confess I did miss a bit of an explanation about their characters, their personal history, what made them the people they are today. But since this in the first book in the series, I hope to get my wish fulfilled in one of the following installments.

“From the moment I saw him, I knew those fire eyes were going to burn me to ashes.”

There is something going on between the characters from the first moment they see each other, that much is apparent, but it's still a bit fast going for my taste. They have a kind of powerful magnetic attraction between them and are completely enraptured in each other. It still feels a bit fast for a person to develop such strong emotions towards someone.

“And when drowning with guilt, you are your worst enemy. Simple.”

When you read you know you have been drawn into a shady world, but you have no idea! There is some messed up s**t in here! The tension and waiting for the situation to unfold, to know what's going to happen was killing me!! It's like every single character in this book is messed up on some level. Everyone has had some major trauma that stained their lives and caused them to be the way they are. It breaks your heart when you read about Eve’s upbringing and the current situation she and her “sisters” are in. And Angel, that poor baby. No child should be living like this. Ever! But sadly, situations like these are all too real and often not seen or mostly ignored.

“This is how it starts. Like a bean seed, hope plants itself in your heart, urging you that the impossible, can be possible. Hope breeds worthless faith into our fragile hearts, and then we begin to hang our life on it. We pray for it, yearn for it, and have faith for it.”

And the ending?! Well, that was just a shocker. Why did nobody warn me about that?! Gaaaah! It left me mostly with questions, and a bunch of them for that matter, there are soooooo many things I NEED to know. I am waiting for the next book and I want it now! I am anxious to know what will happen, I know there is a reason for what happened and I really am curious where the author will lead these characters in the future.

The person who gave me this book to review also told me that there will be a newer version of it coming out and I don’t know what the changes will be but I hope it will be nothing major so I can catch up quickly when the sequel comes out.
Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings Okay, so I've just finished reading this book. How can I describe it? I can only use superlatives.
It was really THAT good! Amazing! Emotional. Painful. Beautiful. Sublime. Hopeful.

I will treasure it for a long time to come. I FELT it. I felt Kami's fear. I felt her pain. Her panic. Her love. The unrecognisable feeling of being safe and waiting for it to be taken away from you. Because it's not substantial. Feeling of home. Her anxiety. It grips you and it doesn't friggin' let you go!

But she grew. She became even stronger. And I loved seeing that for her. I was so proud of her, of her progress. Not every victim of abuse can do that. You carry that trauma with you. For life. It leaves you frightened. It causes avoidance. Isolation. But just like in this novel, if you are that lucky to be surrounded by at least one beautiful soul that loves you and understands you, you can make it. You have a chance for survival. A hope. A future. Maybe even a bright one.

5+++ stars
This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Well this was bloody perfect! Amazing wrap-up of the series. Ahhhh I will miss them :( Toward the end I was shocked multiple times. Didn't see that coming, I really didn't.

I was really happy that there was an epilogue that showed the family dynamic, I was really hoping I will get a peak in their future as a family. And it was fucking hilarious! And it was awesome being in Jesse's head for a change.

I LOVED it, the whole book! Correction, I loved the whole series, all three books <3<br/>
"Do you feel that?" He flattens my palms on his chest and holds them there firmly. "It was made to love you, Ava. For too long it was useless, redundant, not required. Now it's gone into overdrive. It swells with happiness when I look at you. It splinters with pain when we fight. And it beats wildly when I make love to you. Maybe I go overboard with my love, but that's never going to change. I'll love you this fiercely until the day I die, baby. Children or not.

"I don't demand to see her eyes anymore. I don't need to check she's real. As long as my heart keeps beating, I'll know that she is. End of."
The Only Exception - Magan Vernon 3.5 stars
Tangled - Emma Chase Wow. That was awesome! Funny, hot, sweet..a truly great and relaxing read.
Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil - Deborah Rodriguez I read it a while ago and I really liked it. So interesting to read about people living in other cultures, we can't even begin to imagine that kind of life..especially in the timeframe of the book, it was really good! These women are really strong and the way they have to live their lives..well, it was a great book.
Cut & Run  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux My first m/m book, this should be an interesting read :)
Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley 3.5 stars
Blind Obsession - Ella Frank Oh, wow. I mean..amazing.

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and, therefore, is winged cupid blind."

Beautifully written, so sensual, it possesses a truly poetic quality.

"I will only be as far as your heart lets me go."

"Chantel plays the piece with such passion that I can only sum it up as this: If the notion of sublime were to take musical form, this is what you would hear."

I really liked the slow pace with which the story evolved in the beginning.

This book is a masterpiece, a work of art in itself, it is a hauntingly devastating story. I LOVED it. I think this one will stay with me for quite a while. I want more!

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."

The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan 4.5 stars almost, almoooooost 5. Brilliant book. Very nicely executed, this one.

Loved the characters, the plot, everything, althought it was "a bit" disturbing. I wish there was more to the ending, but there's a sequel to be written, so all is well I guess.

Lilith kicks ass, I really liked her, and Finn too, obviously. And Henry, Nat, Gabriel, Ed..all the good guys :)

We can read the story from both Lilith's and Finn's POV, and it is great, far better than I imagine it would be reading from only one of their POV's.
Loved the English language too, not American English, but English English, just loved it.
In The Stillness - Andrea Randall Beautiful <3
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire It was a bit of a struggle to read this one at times, because I just re-read Beautiful Disaster before starting Walking Disaster. And just when I thought "I guess reading 2 books with the same story and different POV's just isn't for me", it really got better.
Walking disaster explained some of Travis' actions in BD and it was good to see his view on the things that went down between him and Abby, and it actually made me understand Travis a little better.

And the epilogue..


well, it just made all these happy feelings to start bubbling in my chest. I love the fact that their story continued, that it didn't end where Abby's did. It was a great read!
3.5 stars
Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire After re-reading it, I'm rating it with 4-4.5 stars. But it's still one of my favorites, I think Beautiful Disaster actually introduced me to NA.

Avoiding Responsibility

Avoiding Responsibility  - K.A. Linde Okay, so here's what you need to know:

Bekah ohhhh she is a whole special kind of a b***h.


In the end she got what she deserved! So evil.


Jack if I were to meet him in person I would probably spit in his face and kick him in the shins (pissed off granny style). Seriously. He is just so detestable, despicable, arggh he makes me sick.



Lexi well, Lexi..she is somewhere in between..I am just glad that she was able to make the right choice for once and that she was able to truly see and accept her past mistakes. It was nice that she was working toward not repeating the same mistakes, but still some things she did..


Ramsey Even after two books, I still don't like the name. But I absolutely adore the man wearing it. He is just downright delectable. True, he made mistakes, but he made it up to Lexie and to be honest, his intentions weren't really bad or malicious, he just had the less likable approach to some situations. I like his strong, independent character, his charming and noble personality.




Chyna is just Chyna, gotta love that crazy chica :)


Overall I rate this novel with 3-3.5 stars, and that is just because of Ramsey (even if we all know he deserves waaaay more), otherwise I would rate it with 2*.